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From very elaborate systems to very simple solutions, our goal is to find out what would meet your needs.

Do you want to be able to listen to music throughout your house whether it be AM/FM radio, CD, Satellite radio, TV audio, or your MP3 player? We've installed systems from companies like Russound and NuVo Technologies that let you do just that. Do you love music and want one room set up specifically for listening? We can set up a system to allow you to hear the music just as it was intended to be heard.

Here are a few different projects we've worked on in the past:
(Click on pictures to see full sized images)

LCD Television Mounting & In-Wall Speaker Installation

The BEFORE Picture - This is where the TV was when we arrived
Progress with the wall mount & wire routing
Finished TV Mount

The first picture shows how the television was being used before we were called. You can notice the wires hanging below the television stand (which is one of the things that the client wanted to have addressed). We took the television and stand away and began the process of mounting the LCD as well as cutting holes for the wires so they would be unseen. We routed the wires through the holes (using the green rod you see in the picture). Once the LCD mounting is complete, as you can see, there are no visible wires & the installation itself gives a very clean appearance.

In-Wall Speaker Without Cover
In-Wall Speaker Cover Installation

The customer also wanted a couple of small in-wall speakers installed behind the seating area. We chose a pair of 2-Way Speakers with 5 1/4" Woofers. Once everything is measured and leveled, holes are cut in the drywall, speaker wire (which had been previously run to that location) is connected, and the speakers are installed. Then the other end of the speaker wire was connected to an A/V receiver's speaker outputs. Speakers of this type may also be painted to match (or to contrast with) the existing wall color.

Outdoor Speakers With A Twist

Finished Install of Rock & Stump Speakers
Stealth Speaker - Disguised as a Rock
Subwoofer That Looks Like a Tree Stump
Finished Install of Rock & Stump Speakers

The client wanted to be able to listen to music outside but didn't want to have the speakers be obvious. We had used different brands of outdoor speaker in the past but thought these would be perfect for this application. They are painted in such a way as to conceal the grille on the front of the speaker and they are available in a variety of different colors to fit in with your chosen landscaping. In this system we wanted a fuller sound so we proposed an outdoor subwoofer to provide deep rich bass, cleverly disguised as a tree stump.

In order to make all of this work, we needed to run all of our speaker wires through underground conduit from the speaker locations back to a power amplifier. The full outdoor system was comprised of four rock speakers and two stump subwoofers. The end result, as you can see, is an aesthetically pleasing appearance that fits with the client's landscaping. And the sound is fantastic.

Uncommon LCD Placement & Slide Out Rack for Equipment

Corner LCD Installation
Slide Out Equipment Rack

These pictures show a couple parts of a bigger system installed for our clients on this project. The requested location of the LCD Television made this installation more challenging since the TV basically "floats" in the corner. Wires were routed through the wall to be hidden and braces were put in place to mount the TV at the desired angle. The end result is a unique television placement with a screen angle that faces the seating area in the room.

The equipment rack that you see in the second picture is something that we've taken to using in many of our residential systems. We can put all of the necessary equipment, including source components (Dish or Cable Boxes, DVD Players, A/V/ Receivers, VCRs, etc.), power management, and other items all in one place. This allows us to manage everything from one compact location. But the beauty of this rack is really evident if you've ever tried to look at the back of a piece of equipment in your home entertainment center. You end up fighting with all the cables just to pull it forward enough to see anything, right? This rack is built with sliding rails on the bottom which allow you to pull the whole thing out and rotate it in order to access the back of the equipment. It also offers "cable management" that keeps all those wires from getting tangled up, pinched, or pulled. All in all, this unit keeps your equipment safe, secure, and easy to access.

These are just a few examples of the types of projects we can do in your home.

Let us know what you'd love to see & we'll do our part to make it happen.


Can you imagine? We can.

We Remain... At Your Service.

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